The Choir “Junge Stimmen” (“Young Voices”) was created in December 1996 in Evangelic Lutheran Church in Perm. The founder and the leader of the choir during all these 20 years has been Elena Vasilievna Yerastova, the member of the Urals State Chamber Choir of Perm Krai Philharmonic Society. Starting from 2007 the choir “Junge Stimmen” is referred to the Department of Foreign Languages (Russian-German-Austrian center, the head is Ms.T.G.Agapitova) of the State National Research Polytechnic University of Perm, the Faculty of Humanities.

Nowadays the choir consists of 21 people, who are united by the love towards music and German culture, among them are the students of Perm universities and young specialists in various spheres.
Our choir is striving to preserve our individuality and develop musically with the orientation on the German culture and language.
The repertoire of the choir includes many different spiritual and secular musical art pieces in German and in Russian.
We have prepared the concerts devoted to:
Religious holidays:
•Christmas, Easter.
Spiritual music:
• Christian hymns of various denominations including the masterpieces of the great German and Austrian composers (Bach, Mozart, Handel), works of historic and religious public figures (M.Luther).
Folk music (in the original language):
• Russian folk songs, German (Austrian) folk songs, Scottish folk songs
Jazz music:
• American and European jazz compositions
Secular music of the XIX century:
• romances of European and Russian composers.

The Choir "Junge Stimmen" was the participant of the very first organ concerts in Perm in 1998-1999. They took place in the Evangelic Lutheran Church in Perm. The organ player was Lev Maleev, the choir performed spiritual musical pieces of the great German and Austrian composers while Lev played the organ. Those concerts gathered many people (all the church was full of people) who were very interested in them. The tradition of giving organ concerts was continued in Perm later in the 21st century, when Perm finally received the big concert organ.

During the previous 20 years the choir had been organizing charity concerts and participating in various events aimed at spreading the German culture in Perm and Perm Krai. Some of the most important events in our history:
- a tour to Spain to the international arts festival, cities Barcelona, Reus, Montserrat Monastery and the city of Santa-Susanna. To know the details about our trip click here;
- a tour to Austria to the festival “Choristic Vienna” in May 2011;
- a tour to German Duisburg and Essen to the festival “Sing – Day of Song!” in June 2010;
- a tour to German Cologne and Hannover in august 2002 with the help of the cultural society “Dr.Schiwago” (Cologne). Within that tour we gave 11 concerts in Christian temples, cultural societies, schools, nursing homes of Cologne and Hannover;
- tours around Perm Krai;
- participation in the festivals “Perm Romansiada” and “White Nights” in Perm;
- opening of the Festival of German Films in 1998;
- participation in the Week of Christian Culture (every year);
- performances at the greatest library in Perm Krai – Library of M.Gorky – at the German Center;
- constant performances on the ethnic festivals of the region as the representatives of the German culture;
- participation in the presentation of the documentary book “The Germans of Prikamie” held at Perm Organ Hall;
- performances at the events dedicated to coming of German diplomats to Perm;
- performances together with the jazz bands of the international level (with jazz Trio of Hans Claus from Hannover,with jazz duet from Moscow).

The Choir “Junge Stimmen” is a friend to many Russian and foreign musical groups. Together we organize concerts as with the Brass Band of Lower Saxony, American organ player Judy Congdon, the German choir "The Voices" and others.

Also we not only go on tour to different countries, we like to travel together as mere tourists. In August 2006 we went around European cities like Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris. If you want to see some pictures from that trip, go to the menu bar PHOTO.

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